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Is now live on Amazon. If you’re interested in picking up the eBook, you can do so HERE!

The limited-edition hardcovers are in stock and ready to ship from Thunderstorm Books. Here’s the link, but be advised the ordering system is not yet live, but will be within the next 24 hours, so check back frequently before the book sells out.

The editions will feature alternate covers, as seen below. For those of you who enjoyed BURIAL GROUND, VECTOR BORNE, and PREDATORY INSTINCT, this one’s for you!


Fearful Symmetry Front Cover 5-13_edited-1

Limited-edition hardcover:

Fearful Symmetry Front Cover No Swastika


Coming Tomorrow

In signed hardcover (limited to 66 stunning copies) and eBook…

Fearful Symmetry Front Cover 5-13_edited-1

More than seventy years ago, five Nazi scientists embarked upon an expedition into the frozen Himalayas in search of the origins of the Aryan race. What they found instead was something beyond their wildest imaginations, a secret they would sooner take to their graves than risk releasing upon an unsuspecting world.

Now nearly a hundred years old, Johann Brandt, the lone surviving member of the original party, shares his discovery with Jordan Brooks, an evolutionary anthropologist, who launches his own expedition into one of the most dangerous environments on the face of the planet in search of the evidence Brandt claims to have left behind.

If Brooks and his team hope to find the proof, they’ll have to follow the historical footsteps of the Germans into the hunting grounds of a species that evolved in utter geographical isolation, and their only hope for survival lies in uncovering the truth about the ill-fated Nazi expedition…for those who don’t learn from the past are doomed to repeat it.

Live links will be posted tomorrow, August 5th!


Best Laid Plans

You know how whenever you make plans to do something, you suddenly become inundated with other things to do? My intention was to release INNOCENTS LOST on Tuesday, when I had no new releases imminent. Well, things have changed. Oh, not the release of INNOCENTS LOST. I fully intend to have it up on Amazon in its shiny new packaging by the time you roll out of bed Tuesday morning. I just suddenly have several other projects that will be released BEFORE Tuesday.

First up is a surprise release from Thunderstorm Books. Nate Southard and I co-edited an anthology called MIA MOJA to celebrate the success of TSB. It’ll be the 100th release from Paul Goblirsch’s fantastic specialty press. Nate and I couldn’t be prouder of this anthology and, considering how much work it entailed, will never do another, so grab your copy while you can. This book will be limited to 80 copies signed by all contributors. It will not be released in any other format, print or digital. (You’ll eventually see the individual stories again, I’m sure, but they will never be bound together again.) Just to get the juices flowing, though, I will say that it features work from Nate Southard, Shane McKenzie, Brian Keene, Gene O’Neill, Kelli Owen, J.F. Gonzalez, Bryan Smith, Ronald Kelly, yours truly, and Mary SanGiovanni. Tell me that isn’t a killer mix!

I’ll post the cover and the ordering link when it goes live.

Next up is the re-release of INFINITY TWICE REMOVED, my collaboration with William C. Rasmussen, which will drop on Monday, I’m told. This is Bill’s baby. He wrote the main storyline and carried the narrative. I’m happy to have been able to make my contribution in the form of the backstory. If you haven’t had the opportunity to check it out, you’ll get your chance tomorrow! Pick it up from Amazon HERE!



Freaking Awesome! *Picture Post*

I came home from work to find a box on the porch from Paul Goblirsch at Thunderstorm Books. What do you think I found inside?


These hardcovers are works of art and a steal at $25! I’m also kind of fond of the story. So fond, in fact, I’ve decided to post an excerpt below the cut!


“In Stock” and Shipping Now!

From Thunderstorm Books:

The Event TSB

A lone figure approaches the New York Stock Exchange in broad daylight, his face painted like a reptile. He shrugs off his trench coat to reveal the silver canisters and high-pressure dispersion system strapped to his back. With an expulsion of gas, the screams of the living metamorphose into the screams of the dying.

FBI Special Agent Renee Lawton leads the investigation, for she has a unique insight into the event. It is part of a larger conspiracy, at the heart of which is the oldest and most insidious of motives: greed. She learns that not only is the love of money the root of all evil, but that some people will go to any lengths to amass it.

In an unapologetic business where avarice and deceit are virtues and the deadliest sin is complacency, Lawton discovers the old adage is true…

Buy when there’s blood in the streets, even if the blood is your own.

Only $25, which is a steal for a signed, limited edition!

Grab one now before they’re gone!