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2015 Kindle Book Awards

I’m proud to announce that ANCIENT ENEMY is a semifinalist for the 2015 Kindle Book Awards in the Suspense/Horror category. I’m tremendously proud of this book, so it’s cool to see it get a little extra play. You can check out the competition HERE.



New York Journal of Books on AE

Thanks to Toni V. Sweeney at the New York Journal of Books for the awesome review of ANCIENT ENEMY! My favorite line:

“Intriguing in fact as well as devastating in the implications it brings to Sani’s young life, this is a chilling accounting of an encounter between the past and the present brought to life by author McBride in a most entertaining fashion.”

You can read the whole review HERE!


Thanks to Majanka at I Heart Reading for the killer review! My favorite line:

“Michael McBride weaves an intriguing story that mixes history, legends, mystery and literary horror into one impressive tale.”

You can read the whole thing HERE!

Another Killer Review for AE!

Courtesy of Marvin P. Vernon at The Novel Pursuit blog. It’s another review where I feel as though the reviewer really got what I was trying to do with this one. My favorite line?

“I keep coming back to the character of Sani. This is the main strength of this novel and what makes this novel rise among many other books like it. Recommended.”

You can read the whole thing HERE.


Book Girl Reviews

ANCIENT ENEMY received another killer review from the Book Girl Blog. Thanks to the Book Girl herself for the kind words. My favorite line:

I truly enjoyed reading this mystery because it’s captivating and smartly written.”

T-minus eight days and counting until release.

That’s a week from tomorrow, folks, and the price will be going up sometime before then. Preorder now and it will automatically download to your Kindle on the morning of Tuesday the 22nd!




Thanks to the kind folks at Mystery Sequels for the killer review. It feels like the reviewer really “got” the story. There’s no cooler feeling for an author. My favorite line?

“When I got to the last few pages and I thought I had it all figured out, I was rewarded with yet another surprise that left me thinking about it for a while. I definitely didn’t see that one coming.”

You can read the whole review HERE!

12 days and counting until release day! Head over to Amazon and pick up the eBook while it’s still 30% off! I don’t know how much longer the price will stay that low. Thanks to all who’ve picked it up so far. You guys are the best!





A New Review

Thanks to Angela Wilson at Authors & Appetizers for a killer review! You can read the whole thing HERE. My favorite line:

“This story has a lot of wonderful mythological context, as well as a gritty look at life on the reservation. Fans of shows like Grimm and Longmire may appreciate it.”

We’re down to just over three weeks until ANCIENT ENEMY’s release on April 22nd. Time’s running out if you want to pick it up for the discounted price of $4.99. 


ANCIENT ENEMY Reviewed By Examiner

The second review for my forthcoming novel ANCIENT ENEMY is a good one. Thanks to Josef Hernandez of the Minneapolis Books Examiner for the killer review. I feel as though he really “got” the work. My favorite snippet:

“In order to protect his family, Sani must face down an evil that has plagued his family and his people for centuries and overcome it to not only save his family and livelihood but to also understand who he is in the world. McBride handles this with a deftness that is a testament to his talent and which leaves the reader honored to have shared in the experience with him through this novel.”

You can read the whole review HERE!


ANCIENT ENEMY Available for Preorder

For those of you waiting for the opportunity to preorder the signed, limited-edition hardcover of ANCIENT ENEMY, your wait has finally come to an end. For a limited time only, you can save $10 off the cover price, if you go HERE! Only 100 copies are being minted, so once they’re gone, they’re gone for good. In case you need a little more convincing:


Sani Natonaba’s ancestors have lived in these canyons for more than seven hundred years, but they aren’t the only ones. When he awakens to the bleating of his family’s sheep being slaughtered, he learns that something is stalking this isolated corner of the reservation, a predator unlike any he has encountered before, one that attacks with alarming stealth and ferocity.

Only his grandfather knows what lurks outside in the darkness, but a stroke has left him unable to communicate, forcing Sani to embark upon a journey into the distant past to discover the horrible truth. And he’s running out of time. There’s no sign of an end to the killing and already he’s found claw marks and strange footprints around his home.

Sani must decipher the clues hidden a millennium ago by the Anasazi before their mysterious disappearance if he’s to have any hope of surviving the impending confrontation with an ancient enemy that has already hunted his bloodline to the brink of extinction.

Available to preorder in 2 editions:

Kindle eBook (save $2)

Limited Hardcover (save $10)