One of history’s greatest mysteries

In 524 BCE, Cambyses II, King of Persia, dispatched his forces to the Siwa Oasis to destroy the Oracle of Amun, whose priests refused to legitimize his claim to Egypt. According to historical records, 50,000 soldiers marched into the desert from Luxor and vanished into a sandstorm.

Never to be seen again

Hoping to discover the lost army’s fate, a team of scientists utilizes satellite archeology to locate ancient ruins hidden beneath the dunes. Subsequent excavation reveals a temple devoted to Sekhmet, warrior goddess of destruction. Hidden within it are chambers filled with bones.

They never stood a chance

The scientists quickly realize that they’re not alone. Something is hunting them inside the buried tomb, a creature that has evolved to live in complete darkness, an extant species that will stop at nothing to make sure that no one ever learns of its existence, because in the end…

Nature always finds a way.



The rate of violent crime is on the rise, and nowhere is this more evident than in the state of Colorado.

Amazing Grace, how sweet the sound, that saved a wretch like me…

It’s called Acute High-Altitude Neuropathic Dissociation—or, more commonly, Mile High Syndrome—and Dr. Ellis Randall Harding, a neurologist, is determined to understand why. For him, it’s personal. He was there on September 24th, 1994 when a gunman walked into the library and started shooting.

I once was lost, but now I’m found…

The answer is locked inside the mind of a monster who shot and killed nine people in 1968. The problem is he’s in a vegetative state and incapable of communicating with anyone, except for Dr. Harding, who has figured out how to utilize medical imaging technology to amplify and interpret the killer’s brain activity.

Was blind but now I see…

But as Dr. Harding learns, there are some things that mankind was never meant to understand. Chief among them, the true nature of evil.


When Amelia Behrent is murdered, her sister—FBI Special Agent Emma Behrent—discovers her death is only the most recent in a series of killings spanning the American Southwest. Someone is hunting young women and setting fires to cover his tracks. All Special Agent Behrent has to go on is his unique signature as an arsonist and the fact that each of his victims had a dead firefly in her mouth. She must discover the killer’s next victim if she hopes to stop a monster who wants nothing more than to watch the entire world burn.


The Warsaw Pact is officially dissolved. An amateur video captures the beating of Rodney King. The Gulf War is over. Nirvana releases the album Nevermind. The Soviet Union collapses.

The year is 1991, and the world is changing.

For Landon Crane, the future couldn’t look brighter. He’s madly in love with a beautiful girl who’ll be leaving with him for college in just over a month. The small mountain town of Mineral Springs will be hosting the largest Independence Day celebration in its history to welcome home war hero Travis James, highlighting the ultimate summer of freedom.

The year is 1991, and nothing will ever be the same.

Travis has returned with more than the Medal of Honor. He’s brought something else with him, something capable of inflicting unimaginable pain and suffering. Before the night is through, Landon and the rest of the residents of Mineral Springs will be forced to answer the most terrifying question of all.

Who among them will survive?


For God spared not the angels that sinned…

On May 21st, 2007, seven graduate students in Religious Studies set out from the University of Colorado in search of God. Armed with only their faith and the scriptures, they rented a small cluster of cabins on the western slope of the Rocky Mountains.

None of them were ever heard from again.

…but cast them down to hell…

On October 29th, 2009, a disarticulated femur is discovered in a mountain lion’s den. Forensics confirms the bone belongs to one of the missing seven, triggering a massive search of the surrounding wilderness.

No other evidence is found.

…and delivered them into chains of darkness… 

On November 13th, the families of the missing students rent the same cabins and attempt to recreate the final days of their loved ones in hopes of divining their fate. Only this time, thanks to an unusual bacterium isolated from the femur, they know where to look.

Nothing can prepare them for the truth.

…to be reserved unto judgment.

This is their story. The story of what they found, what they lost…and what Remains.


A lone figure approaches the New York Stock Exchange in broad daylight, his face painted like a reptile. He shrugs off his trench coat to reveal the silver canisters and high-pressure dispersion system strapped to his back. With an expulsion of gas, the screams of the living metamorphose into the screams of the dying.

FBI Special Agent Renee Lawton leads the investigation, for she has a unique insight into the event. It is part of a larger conspiracy, at the heart of which is the oldest and most insidious of motives: greed. She learns that not only is the love of money the root of all evil, but that some people will go to any lengths to amass it.

In an unapologetic business where avarice and deceit are virtues and the deadliest sin is complacency, Lawton discovers the old adage is true…

Buy when there’s blood in the streets, even if the blood is your own.



Four teenagers awaken in a scorched cornfield with no memory of how they got there. All they know is that there were five of them when they found the carcass of the mutilated cow.

Forty years later, Eric Devlin sends a cryptic email to the other three survivors: I remember everything.

Karl Doering has spent the majority of his life trying to understand what happened that night and learn the fate of his missing friend. He responds to the mysterious message and finds that Eric has killed himself in a decrepit barn, behind which is a cornfield filled with mutilated cattle.

When a local girl goes missing, Karl realizes that he and the other two survivors are her only hope. To find her they must confront repressed memories so traumatic they’d driven Eric to take his own life…and creatures straight out of their worst nightmares.

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