God’s End-The Infected-Remains

Thank you to everyone who helped make these books such quick sellouts! I sincerely appreciate your support.

The not-so-distant future…

The fledgling democratic state of Iraq is invaded by Syria, triggering a series of events leading to the brink of World War III. Unbeknownst to the recently redeployed American troops, the Middle Eastern countries have formed a secret alliance, baiting the armed forces into traps both in the Persian Gulf and the now-defenseless United States. As the world speeds toward its demise, fulfilled prophecies give rise to the physical manifestations of the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse, who usher the earth into its next phase of evolution. Pestilence’s mosquitoes and Famine’s locusts spread genetic mutations that alter man and animal alike, creating War’s fearsome reptilian army, The Swarm.

Faced with imminent annihilation, those who survive mankind’s own extinction agenda must find each other across a rapidly changing landscape to rally their numbers in the face of Death’s legion of genocide. Will humanity prove itself worthy of surviving to usher in a new era of life on earth…or will it succumb to God’s End?

They’re breeding in the darkness, underground, feasting on blood and carrion. For centuries they’ve been sustained by offerings of ritualistic sacrifice, propagating the contagions to be unleashed on the world through savage stingers when the day of destiny finally arrives. Millions of sand flies, swarming through caverns riddled with human and animal remains, awaiting the vernal equinox when the serpent god Kukulcán will descend from the heavens to release them and deliver his vengeance upon those who drove his worshippers from their sacred land.

The pandemic is at hand, for contained within each of the insects is a deadly combination of microorganisms capable of laying waste to the human immune
system and ravaging the flesh, killing the cerebrum and leaving the victim at the mercy of the primitive hindbrain. Those contaminated become enraged creatures functioning on instinct alone, capable only of killing and spreading the disease.

The sick now hunt the dwindling bands of survivors, who will soon learn that the only thing worse than dying, is becoming one of The Infected.

For God spared not the angels that sinned…

On May 21st, 2007, seven graduate students in Religious Studies set out from the University of Colorado in search of God. Armed with only their faith and the scriptures, they rented a small cluster of cabins on the western slope of the Rocky Mountains.

None of them were ever heard from again.

…but cast them down to hell…

On October 29th, 2009, a disarticulated femur is discovered in a mountain lion’s den. Forensic testing confirms that the bone belongs to one of the missing seven, triggering a massive search of the surrounding wilderness.

No other evidence is found.

…and delivered them into chains of darkness…

On November 13th, the families of the missing students rent the same cabins and attempt to recreate the final days of their loved ones in hopes of divining their fate. Only this time, thanks to an unusual bacterium isolated from the femur, they know where to look.

Nothing can prepare them for the truth.

…to be reserved unto judgment.

This is their story. The story of what they found, what they lost…and what remains.

5 thoughts on “God’s End-The Infected-Remains”

  1. Can’t wait to read the other two books in the Gods End Trilogy. The Fall was an excellent book as are all that you have written. Hopefully it’s a continuation of book one as I am totally hooked on this series. By the way, I have read every book that you have written, and I believe you are one of the best writers out there. I read at least two books a week so I feel that my statement about your books is justified. Thanks for writing such entertaining books Michael.

  2. Thanks Michael, I’m sure that what ever books you publish in the future will be as good as your previous published works. By the way, ABE Books has your Gods End Trilogy set on sale for $ 272.00. wow.

  3. The God’s End books are from way back. It’s neat to see them re-released, but I don’t want people to confuse them with the course I’ve chosen for my work since. I’m thrilled you’re enjoying the series so far, but it’s definitely not worth $272! Unless I get a cut of that, whereupon it’s worth much, much more. 😉

  4. ha ha, good one Michael, but I did forget to mention that the Gods End Trilogy is also available through Amazon UK for about $35.00, which by today’s standards is in the right price range. Have a nice day

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