Category Five

A boxed set of five novellas from bestselling Kindle author Michael McBride, including more than 100,000 words of fiction.

Category Five includes the complete texts of Blindspot, Brood XIX, The Calm Before the Swarm, Xibalba, and Zero.

Blindspot: A top secret military project allows Dr. Parker Ramsey to see the moment of death through the eyes of the dead.

Brood XIX: A woman must discover the secret behind her daughter’s abduction and the appearance of the mysterious Brood XIX.

The Calm Before the Swarm: An investigator for the CDC reveals that the mechanism of our ultimate extinction is hiding in plain sight.

Xibalba: A scientific expedition into a godforsaken jungle opens the gate to hell itself.

Zero: The creation of an artifical limb unlocks the secrets of eternal life.

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