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Only 1 More Day…

To preorder SUNBLIND at 30% off. After that, the book will return to regular price, over which I have absolutely no control whatsoever. So if you’d rather pay full price, then by all means wait until Tuesday to order what many people are calling my best novel yet.



Here’s a new 5-star review from Frank Michaels Errington, if you’re on the fence.


Sick of Me Yet?

I apologize for inundating you all with news over the past few weeks. I can read your minds, you know. Why don’t you just save it up and give it to us all at once? That’s what you’re thinking, isn’t it? I wish I could, but some of these tidbits are simply too cool to sit on and I absolutely have to share them with you. Others, like this announcement, are time-sensitive and it’s important to me for you to have the opportunity not to miss out.

So…it’s my pleasure to announce THE NARRATOR, a novella I coauthored with Norman Prentiss, whose mantel sags under the weight of all of his Bram Stoker Awards. Thunderstorm Books has produced limited-edition mini-hardcovers, signed by both authors, in two editions (the leather-bound is already nearly sold out!).

The Narrator eBook

Something is wrong with Julia Linder’s sixth grade class.

One boy’s harmless tendency of getting lost becomes a crippling fog of disorientation. A girl’s mild twitch turns into an obsessive pattern of frightened raps and repetition. The symptoms are spreading and the source seems to be stories that seize upon the children’s deeply seated fears and intensify them exponentially.

But how can mere stories change their behavior?

Abbie is a bright girl at the heart of the mystery. The others are inexplicably drawn to her and become increasingly devoted to her with each passing day. Is it possible that Abbie is manipulating her classmates and using their worst fears against them?

The secrets are locked in tales from the past, where only The Narrator can find them.


Paul Nelson Reviews FS

Thanks to Paul for the excellent review!  My favorite line?

“That’s the barest slither of the story, to give more away would be a crime and this without doubt is one of the best I’ve read from Michael McBride, he’s definitely on a roll following the excellent Sunblind and Ancient Enemies, all three highly recommended.”

Totally made my day!

Fearful Symmetry Front Cover 5-13_edited-1


VECTOR BORNE in Audiobook!

To celebrate the release of VECTOR BORNE in audiobook, I’m giving away five free copies to anyone interested in listening and posting a review at any venue of your choice. All you need is an Audible account or a willingness to sign up for one. Just reply in the comments below. First five get download codes. Go for it!


More SUNBLIND Reviews! And an Interview!

First, from Edward Lorn, author of CRUELTY and BAY’S END… “SUNBLIND is a terrifying hike through an unyielding location populated by some of the most believable monsters in recent memory. There’s plenty of viscera for gorehounds, location description that’s far from boring, as well as some of the best character writing I’ve read.”

And from Paul Nelson… “The pace and tension that Michael McBride brings to the table are nail biting at times and this is another thoroughly enjoyable story that puts you right there in the thick of it.”

Drunken Dragon Reviews says: “Sunblind is a tightly paced, mysterious book that not only grips you from the start but ratchets up the tension and fear as the story progresses.”

And you can read a few words with me at the Cat After Dark blog run by my favorite MommaCat HERE, if you’re so inclined.


Remember that the eBook will only be on sale for $4.99 for another ten days!

Scariest Book of the Year?

That’s what Josef Hernandez of the Minnesota Books Examiner called SUNBLIND, coming September 2nd from DarkFuse. You can read the entire review HERE. My favorite line:

“Sunblind is one of the best horror novels I have read in a long time and evoked some of the same awe and terror that I found in some of the best works by writers such as Richard Laymon and Jack Ketchum.”


You can pre-order the eBook at a 30% discount HERE, but time is running out!

A Teaser

2014-08-14 19.04.19

Coming soon from Thunderstorm Books in limited-edition hardcover, signed by both authors.

More details soon…



The signed, limited-edition hardcover from Thunderstorm Books arrived today and, man…is it everything I hoped it would be and more! In case you need proof, see the pics below. It’s sold out from the publisher, but I’m sure there are still some retailers with copies. You could always snag the eBook, if you’re just looking to read the story, and not hold a piece of art.

Here we have the cover, the signature sheet, and an original manuscript page (tipped right into the book). More pics below the cut.

2014-08-14 19.05.452014-08-14 19.06.122014-08-14 19.06.31



Thanks to all of you for selling out the entire hardcover run of FEARFUL SYMMETRY from Thunderstorm Books in less than 24 hours! You guys are the best! I hope you love the book!




The ordering link at Thunderstorm Books is now live. Copies are already in stock and ready to ship. Grab one now before they’re gone!


Is now live on Amazon. If you’re interested in picking up the eBook, you can do so HERE!

The limited-edition hardcovers are in stock and ready to ship from Thunderstorm Books. Here’s the link, but be advised the ordering system is not yet live, but will be within the next 24 hours, so check back frequently before the book sells out.

The editions will feature alternate covers, as seen below. For those of you who enjoyed BURIAL GROUND, VECTOR BORNE, and PREDATORY INSTINCT, this one’s for you!


Fearful Symmetry Front Cover 5-13_edited-1

Limited-edition hardcover:

Fearful Symmetry Front Cover No Swastika


Coming Tomorrow

In signed hardcover (limited to 66 stunning copies) and eBook…

Fearful Symmetry Front Cover 5-13_edited-1

More than seventy years ago, five Nazi scientists embarked upon an expedition into the frozen Himalayas in search of the origins of the Aryan race. What they found instead was something beyond their wildest imaginations, a secret they would sooner take to their graves than risk releasing upon an unsuspecting world.

Now nearly a hundred years old, Johann Brandt, the lone surviving member of the original party, shares his discovery with Jordan Brooks, an evolutionary anthropologist, who launches his own expedition into one of the most dangerous environments on the face of the planet in search of the evidence Brandt claims to have left behind.

If Brooks and his team hope to find the proof, they’ll have to follow the historical footsteps of the Germans into the hunting grounds of a species that evolved in utter geographical isolation, and their only hope for survival lies in uncovering the truth about the ill-fated Nazi expedition…for those who don’t learn from the past are doomed to repeat it.

Live links will be posted tomorrow, August 5th!


Hot Off the Press


Available for the first time in affordable trade paperback! Come’n get ’em while they’re hot! Links coming soon!