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Here’s a Free One For You

Check out TALES AT THE WORLD’S END. It’s a neat little anthology featuring the story “The Endless Rain” by William C. Rasmussen, who some of you might remember co-authored INFINITY TWICE REMOVED with me. (He wrote the main narrative.) And it’s absolutely, positively, no-strings-attached FREE! And if you like Bill’s story, then I recommend checking out his new release, THE SILENT PASSENGER, from Gallows Press (the same outfit that produced Jeff Strand’s FAINT OF HEART). It’ll be worth your while, especially at a mere $2.99!



#1 Bestseller

What a way to start the day…BURIAL GROUND is currently #1 in both the Suspense and Thriller categories, #3 in Action & Adventure, and #65 in the Top 100. We all know such anomalies never last, but what an amazing feeling nonetheless!

Screenshot 2013-11-21 05.19.03


Thanks to all who took a chance and picked it up! I hope you love it!

Screenshot 2013-11-21 05.19.20