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Archive for September 28, 2013

Research for the Author with OCD

This is in response to a question posed on the DarkFuse Message Board. I thought it might be fun to share my process.

How much research do you do? Also, how do you conduct such research-via the web, at the library, that kind of thing. —Charlene

For me, doing the research is nearly as much fun as doing the writing. It turns out, I absolutely love learning new things. (Who would have ever thought, right?) I strive to make every inconsequential and seemingly obscure detail 100% accurate. Through the years, I’ve developed a multi-pronged approach. I start with an idea and do the preliminary legwork online to see if the idea is feasible. If I think it has potential, I spend several months contemplating the storyline, which really amounts to little more than a generic character study, a source for conflict, and the ultimate (hopefully startling) denouement. Again, if I feel there’s potential and the excitement is there, I’ll begin the actual research.

Elaborate post with pictures below the cut.