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A New Contest

I get a little thrill every time I read a review of F9 in which the reviewer comments on the accuracy of the historical events depicted in the story. (This is part of the fun of writing these things, the payoff of the maddening hours spent striving for realism.) You already know the technology in F9 is 100% legit, but how many of the spree killings are based on actual events (names changed, what not) and how many are creations of the author’s imagination? I’ll list them below:


F0- Niall Lester Davenport…Opened fire in a packed ski lodge in 1968

F1- William Thomas Phillips…Killed his wife, sister-in-law, and three nephews in 1977

F2- Jerome Carl Roberts…Killed 6 at a wedding in 1986

F3- Andrew Rodney Stanton…Shot up the University of Colorado Library in 1994

F4- Timothy Kevin Brown…Killed 3 in a department store in 1997

F5- Ryan Samuel Davis and Jesse Terrance Dillon, collectively…School shooting in 1999

F6- Jose Armand Rodriguez…Killed 10 inside a busy emergency room in 2004

F7- Reginald Patrick Walsh…Killed his entire extended family around the table on Thanksgiving in 2008

F8- Michael Gavin Watson…Shot up a movie theater in 2012

F9- You-know-who…Spree killing inside a hospital in 2013

So there you have it, the 10 Fs responsible for as many historical spree killings. Which ones are based upon actual historical spree killers and which ones are made up? Send a list of the Fs you think are totally real to The first person to answer correctly will receive a signed and inscribed hardcover of The Coyote. Three others will receive eBook versions of The Coyote. (One entry per person, so make it count!) One additional winner will be selected at random from the pile a non-winning entries next Saturday, July 6th for a signed and inscribed paperback of either Bloodletting or Innocents Lost.

Bring it on! Let’s see what you’ve got!

F9 Chat

In case, you missed the live chat Thursday night, here’s the video intro:


The eBook version of F9 is already live at Amazon and the hardcovers have shipped from the publisher. This is the point when the author crosses his fingers and toes and prays that the new book doesn’t disappoint the readers and friends who’ve supported him through the years, and that the sales justify the publisher’s faith in him.

I hope you all love it. And I hope it makes you think. Thank you all for your faith in me, too. You’re the best!

You’ll find it HERE!


F9 Book Release Party

You’re all invited to join me Thursday, June 13th at 9:00 EST for a live chat to formally launch my newest novella, F9. Digital copies will be delivered to DarkFuse subscribers early that morning and made available via Amazon HERE. Hardcovers are expected to start shipping any minute now.


In addition to what we hope will be a fast-paced and fun live chat, we’ll also be attempting to do something none of us has tried before. Hopefully, you all will get a kick out of it.

For a little background on the technology featured in the story, check out the following two links. The first is a basic summary. The second is an example of how it works. This is some crazy tech here. Imagine the possibilities!

You can watch them below the fold.


Sweet F9 Review

This one from Dii at Tome Tender. The whole review is available HERE!

The line that made me blush? “With true brilliance, Michael McBride has created a story that unflinchingly takes on the evil that lurks within, holding the reader captive to the very last page!”

T-8 days and counting, folks.

Watch this space for your invitation to a special online launch party!


Denver Comic Con

For those of you who might not have stood in line for two hours with a screaming child, breathing the exhaust of the cars flying through the underground structure, only to be informed that despite pre-paying for tickets for your entire family, you weren’t going to be allowed entrance because the Colorado Convention Center had reached capacity, here’s what you missed:

Nearly 50,000 fans, mostly costumed, crammed shoulder-to-shoulder in narrow aisles between countless vendor stands and few actual exhibitions. A main hall bereft of anything resembling airflow and quite possibly some of the worst pizza I’ve ever eaten. And an event staff so woefully unprepared for the turnout that I’m surprised any of them came back after the first day. To be blunt, it was a disaster of unprecedented proportions.

But my kids couldn’t have had a better time. After a rather auspicious start, I had a blast, too.

I saw some of the best and some of the worst that humanity has to offer. In all, I saw nearly 50,000 people committed to the perpetuation of literature and art, gathered in the spirit of fun and excitement, to celebrate a medium I feel encourages literacy in our youth more than any other. And then I saw people shouting at the volunteer staff, abusing them, threatening to sue or inflict bodily harm if they weren’t compensated for their wasted time. And it made me sad. This was a charity convention designed to raise money for a non-profit organization called Comic Book Classroom, which runs literacy and arts programs for 5th through 8th graders. The staff were volunteers who invested their time and energy into making the convention as enjoyable as it could be, even though they had to miss out on all of the fun. And how were they rewarded? By being kicked around and treated like garbage by a subset of the population I have a hunch might actually know what that feels like.

To the volunteers who put on the show…thank you. (To the yellow-shirted guy in the sales booth…thanks for trying to get my money back when it looked like we weren’t going to get into the con. You’re a trooper.) Your efforts matter and your enthusiasm is absolutely awesome. Hold your heads high, kids.