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Archive for May 23, 2013

F9 is Coming! One More Month! Here’s Another Awesome Review!

Thanks to Josef Hernandez, one of the class acts of the genre, at the Examiner! You can read the full review HERE (and catch up on some celebrity gossip while you’re there)!

My favorite quote:  “McBride writes the tale with the perfect mix of suspense and horror that keeps the reader on the edge of his seat just waiting for the end, for the end is in sight and the reader will figure it out just as Dr. Harding come to the conclusion of his journey.”

And to address the technology used in the story…Yes, it is 100% legitimate cutting-edge medical imaging science. fMRI is going to unlock a whole lot of doors to the mind, folks. Let the inner explorations begin!


Excellent SNOWBLIND Review!

Compliments of Jim Mcleod at Ginger Nuts of Horror. You can read the entire review HERE.

My favorites line has got to be: “McBride, keeps the readers guessing as to what exactly is hunting our hunters right up until the very end of the story, remember watching Alien for the first time, and do you remember the feeling you got in the pit of your stomach when the monster was finally revealed, it was a great feeling wasn’t it?”

Gotta love it!