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2012 – The Year in Review

Thanks to all of you out there who’ve been a part of my life during the past year. Thanks for your friendship and support! I appreciate you all more than I could ever hope to express.

On a personal level, it was one of the more difficult years I’ve had in quite a while, so I choose not to dwell on that side. On the professional front, it was a banner year. 2012 saw the release of THE COYOTE and SNOWBLIND, the stunning limited-edition releases of BURIAL GROUND and the GOD’S END trilogy, and an explosion of eBooks. The eBook version of BURIAL GROUND spent all 52 weeks as a category bestseller. 2013 is already shaping up nicely with the limited-edition release of VECTOR BORNE and a new novella, F9.

Reading-wise, I read a whole lot more non-fiction than I have in years past. The book that stands out most in my mind is Jim Marrs’s TRILLION DOLLAR CONSPIRACY, which I highly recommend to anyone who’ll listen. 2012 was also a great year for fiction with killer new releases from Strand, Prentiss, Faherty, O’Neill, Keene, Rasmussen, and a host of my personal favorites, but I’m going to have to say that Connolly’s THE WRATH OF ANGELS topped my list. (Yes, I spent a stupid amount of money to get the UK hardcover shipped when it was released.) Jo Nesbo put up a great fight, though. THE SNOWMAN was awesome.

My favorite movie had to be THE DARK KNIGHT RISES. To be fair, I don’t see many movies at all, so it’s a pretty narrow field from which to choose, but I thought this one was downright awesome.

TV show? I enjoyed AMERICAN HORROR STORY, but I’d be remiss if I didn’t use this opportunity to demand that someone step up and order a second season of FLASHFORWARD.

Best new song? A7X “Carry on” (A new album would be sweet.)

A big woo-hoo for the Atlanta Falcons nailing down home field throughout the playoffs. Maybe this’ll be the year.

A resounding boo for the NHL. I think it’s worth pointing out that getting paid hundreds of thousands of dollars–let alone millions–to play a game is the kind of thing every other single person on the planet would be happy to do. I’m talking about the same people who pay good money to watch you play. Just saying’s all…

May this coming year be your best yet! Thanks again to all of you for your friendship and support!

Happy New Year!

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas!.

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas to all of my friends around the world! I hope the day brings you much happiness and joy. And presents, of course. A whole lot of presents.

I asked for an NHL season, but apparently even Santa couldn’t pull off that miracle. Apparently it’s easier to make reindeer fly than a puck drop.

And for those of you who just unwrapped your brand new Kindle Fires, why not break them in with a happy little tale of some holiday fun in the snow:



Or one of these, now with re-imagined covers and bonus novellas:



The CoyoteVector Borne IIBurial Ground II


May all of your Christmas wishes come true!



At Long Last…

For the first time, the complete trilogy in deluxe limited-edition as only Thunderstorm Books can do it. The publisher is really pulling out all the stops on this one. This is the kind of thing you’ll just have to see to believe. And the print run will be limited to such an extent that as of right now, only 5 sets are still available to the general public.

Did I mention they’re already in stock and shipping? Just in time for the end of the world, may I present my own vision for it:



Check it out HERE!

Merry Freaking Christmas!


Coming Soon Part III

As soon as the ordering links go live, you’ll see them here. Watch this space over the coming days. The print run for these books will be insanely low.




Coming Soon Part II



Pretty freaking sweet, eh?

Thoughts and prayers with the folks in Connecticut tonight. If today’s events aren’t a sign that we, as a species, are doomed,  then I don’t know what is.


Coming Soon…

Here’s a teaser:



Stay tuned. Check back tomorrow for another hint!