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Sigh of Relief

You all might remember this post from a while back. A couple of months later, that same area served as the backdrop for what proved to be crucial event that led to the arrest of the killer of Jessica Ridgeway. This isn’t a crappy neighborhood. This is an affluent neighborhood where we all learned a lesson in vulnerability. I won’t pretend to know how Jessica’s parents feel. Theirs is the most horrible loss anyone can suffer. At least now maybe they can have a sense of closure, although the arrest of a seventeen year-old kid doesn’t necessarily make anyone feel much better. This is a kid who went to school with my eldest, three blocks down the street.  This is my neighborhood, and for a time it became a police state. I see it on TV and somehow feel a disconnect I can’t quite explain. I no longer let my kids roam the neighborhood like kids should be able to do and don’t know if I’ll ever feel comfortable doing so again. This is a sad time not only for those of us who’ve spent the last month warily eyeing our neighbors, but for the human species as a whole.

Hold your kids a little tighter tonight and pray for Jessica’s family.

Killer, Right?

The signature sheets for the Black Voltage edition of THE COYOTE from Thunderstorm Books (designed by Leigh Haig):

I snapped the photo from a cell phone, so it’s pretty low-res, but it’s magnificent in person. The production promises to be fantastic.

There will be more Thunderstorm/McBride news coming in the near future. Stay tuned…




The Cat’s Out of the Bag

Coming soon! The hardcover limited edition of THE COYOTE from Thunderstorm Books. Believe me when I tell you that Paul and Leigh are really doing some special things with this book. I’ll elaborate as I can. In the meantime, here’s the killer cover from Zach McCain (INNOCENTS LOST):



Check It Out!

My INFINITY TWICE REMOVED co-author William C. Rasmussen has just released his newest novella, TURNING IT AROUND. It’s a fun story that kind of reminds me of a supernatural version of THE HITCHER. Well worth the read! Check it out HERE!

Turning It AroundWhen 21-year-old Ian Masters and his friend head west to San Diego by Greyhound bus to visit his friend’s relatives, Ian isn’t prepared for the worst case scenario. But when he quickly runs out of money and his friend flies back to Memphis without him, Ian is forced to hitchhike halfway across the country to return home. Along the way he encounters a wide variety of people, who offer him advice and suggestions to help him change his altogether unsavory lifestyle. But Ian isn’t ready to turn his life around just yet. And when it comes time to pay the Piper, he also isn’t ready to face the true cost of the consequences of his actions.


First SNOWBLIND Review

And it’s killer. My favorite blurb:

This is perhaps the most intense action packed story I have read in a very long time.

Thanks to Jen at Sequel’s Blog! You can read the whole review HERE.

And HUGE congratulations to Daniele Serra for his Best Artist British Fantasy Award!

I like to think that these were the covers that put him over the top: