Month: June 2012

Dear Mr. President

Thanks for rolling up your sleeves and digging right in. I’m thrilled that the charred rubble of my childhood was able to serve as such an amazing backdrop for your photo ops. God bless you, Mr. President. May the sorrow and suffering of my family and friends fuel your reelection campaign.


Thanks to all of you, sales of the BURIAL GROUND eBook have surpassed the 10,000 unit mark. I am grateful to each and every one of you for your support and friendship. It’s because of you that I can continue to keep doing whatever it is I think I’m doing. As a thank you, of sorts, you can now …

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The process of redesigning the covers of my Delirium Books titles has begun. We decided to “brand” my novels to make them readily identifiable and position them more aggressively in the market. (Also to distinguish them from those of another author publishing under the same name.) It’s been a lot of fun! And in that spirit, …

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