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The ordering links for BURIAL GROUND are now live at Thunderstorm Books! The Hard Rain (signed, limited trade hardcover) edition is available, anyway. Should there be any copies of the Black Voltage (lavish deluxe) edition available after TSB member orders are processed, they’ll become avaialable in short measure. All copies are IN STOCK NOW and will begin shipping on Monday!

Just click the link below and you’ll be there!

This is a 120,000-word novel, a monster of a book, for a reasonable price. Please help Thunderstorm continue producing affordable editions of ordinarily expensive limited-edition books (by some of the best writers in the independent press today) by supporting the Hard Rain line. If you haven’t already, check out Nate Southard’s LIGHTS OUT while you’re there!


5 Days and Counting…

Ordering links will go live on Monday at Thunderstorm’s site. Watch this space for the link!

The skinny:

There are hundreds of thousands of acres of unexplored rainforest and mountainous terrain in the Peruvian Andes. Civilizations have thrived and perished in complete isolation from the rest of the world, and even now we are still discovering the hidden ruins of once great societies.

An exploration party led by Hunter Gearhardt is dispatched from Pomacochas in an effort to penetrate the mysterious cloud forest. After one final satellite communication, he and his entire team vanish without a trace.

When Gearhardt’s body eventually washes up on the bank of a seasonal river with only samples of vegetation, a handful of feathers, two black- and gray-streaked rocks, and a priceless golden headdress of indeterminate origin in his possession, his grieving father launches an expedition to determine how his son died. The party must use these clues to divine Hunter’s route into the wilderness, where they find a surviving offshoot of an ancient tribe, long thought to be extinct, and something far more sinister, something that’s been able to avoid discovery for eons for one simple reason…

No one leaves the rainforest alive.

There will be two editions available:

The Hard Rain edition is limited to 190 signed, unnumbered copies.  The book is produced with the cover art printed on the boards (no dustjackets) and the trim size is 6″x9″. $35.00

The Black Voltage edition is limited to 60 signed, individually numbered copies.  The book is produced with bonded leather boards, full color dustjackets with spine art, and specialty endsheets; the trim is an over-sized 7″x10″; the signature page is full color (and includes a rare picture of the author-heh).  The interior design is also enhanced.  Also included is a new 7,000 word bonus short story, exclusive to this edition. $75.00

One of My Favorite Places

Those of you familiar with my early work might recognize this area from SPECTRAL CROSSINGS. We were living five houses up the street to the west of the point where this video was shot when I wrote it, along with both SPECIES books, ZERO, and the lion’s share of GOD’S END. There used to be narrow paths through the cottonwoods and willows that wound back into the cattails. I remember finding a turtle with my kids under the bough of a strangely shaped pine tree when we were trying to weather a furious rainstorm. I later used that same bough to nail various unsavory objects to in a scene from SC. When we were first looking to move to this area from the northern part of the state, it was this exact spot that not only sold me on the neighborhood, but let me know that I was home, which, at the time, was what I needed more than anything else. It’s kind of a sad, nostalgic feeling.


Sweet Deal of the Day

Amazon has discounted the eBook version of my novel PREDATORY INSTINCT by 32%! If you’ve been sitting on the fence, now’s the time to take the plunge.

Now only $4.74 HERE!


Cool News

Cemetery Dance has officially announced the TOC of the long-awaited anthology SHOCKLINES: FRESH VOICES IN TERROR, edited by Richard Chizmar and Matt Schwartz. (You can check out all of the formal details HERE.) My story, “Mount Uncompahgre,” was a blast to write. I got to do a fair amount of research I found particularly interesting. (You’ll see what I mean later this year. Telling you now would spoil the fun.) And it also allows me to share page space with some friends and authors I really admire for the first time. And the book has a Caniglia cover. (How cool is that?)

The TOC:

“Stalled” by Kealan Patrick Burke

“The Transfer Student” by Norman Prentiss

“Roulette” by Brian Knight

“Diablitos” by Cody Goodfellow

“Burying Reena” by John R. Little

“Mount Uncompahgre” by Michael McBride

“From Arthur Clayworth’s Diary” by Rio Youers

“Cry” by Hunter Shea

“The End of the World Man” by Lisa Morton

“The Crooked Walk” by Nick Mamatas

“The Scavengers” by Tony Knighton

“Ghost Net” by Jeff Jacobson

“Momma’s Grave” by Kim Despins

“Escape He Done” by Ted Kosmatka

“Dying on the Inside” by John Everson

“Making the Decision” by Brian James Freeman

My thanks to all involved for the invitation. This is a special project to me because of everything Matt Schwartz and Shocklines did for me in the early years. Matt promoted my titles (and me as an author) when no one out there had any idea who I was or had any reason to care. He’s one of the truly special people in this industry and doesn’t get enough credit for everything he’s done for the specialty press through the years. I owe Matt a debt I doubt I’ll ever be able to repay. Make no mistake, without Matt’s help in the dark POD days, there would never have been any McBride books in limited edition hardcover and I wouldn’t be where I am now. It is my distinct honor to be a part of this anthology and you’d better believe I turned in my best work for Shocklines. Thanks, Matt. You’re a true king among men.

And thanks to Brian and Rich and Norman at CD. Congratulations to all of the authors involved!