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Archive for February 2, 2012

Crazy Days

I always say I’m going to keep on top of the whole communication thing, and then I get overwhelmed and totally blow it. At least there are things going on around here that ought to at least justify my bumbling, to some degree anyway. You can be the judge:

I officially signed the contract for print publication of my novel BURIAL GROUND with Thunderstorm Books for MARCH 2012 publication. (That’s next month!) It’ll be released in two editions: a fancy Black Voltage deluxe collector’s edition limited to 60 copies, and an affordable (yes, I do understand the meaning of that word) Hard Rain trade edition limited to 190 copies.

And I just finished and sold my new novella, SNOWBLIND, to Delirium Books for November 2012 publication.

Here’s a bit about it:

They come at night.


A stranger staggers out of the wilderness under the cover of a blizzard and stumbles into a diner full of people. He collapses in the entryway, unzips his jacket, and allows the object hidden inside to fall out. Screaming commences.


Four old college buddies embark upon their annual elk hunting trip into the Rocky Mountains. This promises to be their last, for the passage of time is as merciless and unpredictable as the Colorado weather. And they’re not alone.


There are other hunters in the mountains, stalking game of a different breed. They know exactly what they’re doing, because they’ve been hunting in these woods for a long, long time. And no one ever survives to betray their existence.

There are a ton of other things in the works that I hope to report here soon, but in the meantime, thank you all for your continued support and friendship and I hope all is right in the world you live in.