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New Novel Announcement: BURIAL GROUND!

My new novel, BURIAL GROUND, is now available in digital format from various retailers. To celebrate, for the next week only, you can pick it up for the stupendous price of only 99 cents. (Kind of my way of saying thanks to all of my loyal friends and readers. You guys are the best!) That’s a whole freaking 130,000-word novel for a flipping buck. (For those of you who just have to have your hardcovers, rest assured, the gears are beginning to turn.) In the meantime, pick this one up and give it a whirl.

About the book:

When the body of Hunter Gearhardt washes up on the banks of a seasonal river outside of Pomacochas, Peru, with only samples of vegetation, a handful of feathers, two black- and gray-streaked rocks, and a golden headdress of indeterminate origin in his possession, his grieving father launches an expedition to determine how his son died. The party uses these clues to divine Hunter’s route into the jungle, where they find a surviving offshoot of a primitive tribe, long thought to be extinct, and something far more sinister, something that’s been able to avoid discovery for eons for one simple reason: No one leaves the rainforest alive.

Click HERE to go to the BURIAL GROUND page for digital reader options.

Or click HERE to go directly to Amazon.

Price Reduced…The Mad & The Macabre

The price of the eBook version of THE MAD & THE MACABRE, which features Strand’s “Kutter” and my “Remains,” has been reduced to $2.99! Grab one now! You won’t be disappointed. And if you are, feel free to blame Strand.

Check it out HERE.

A Little Blurb

I did a mini-interview for the kind folks at Read Horror. One question, really. Maybe not a question as much as a statement. But I made it and I stand behind it fully. Mostly, anyway. You can read it HERE.

It’s Official

You can now preorder your copy of BLINDSPOT directly from the publisher, Dark Regions Press, HERE. It’s limited to 125 signed trade paperbacks, so don’t dawdle. This one ought to be ready to ship soon, so get your orders in now!


Announcing BLINDSPOT

Blindspot by
Michael McBride, a new novella coming Tuesday, October 18th

Dark Regions Press is proud to announce that the new novella by Michael McBride Blindspot will be available for preorder on the website on Tuesday, October 18th!
At 2:31 a.m., seismic monitoring stations in China and South Korea detect a magnitude-4 event consistent with a nuclear detonation in the southeastern corner of North Korea, within the Korean Demilitarized Zone. With the threat of full-scale war escalating by the minute, the United Nations Security Council dispatches an elite unit of peacekeepers to cross the border, penetrate the cloud of dust hanging over the site, and determine the exact nature of the seismic disturbance. What they find triggers a series of events that culminates in a civilian biomedical engineer boarding a transport carrier at Ft. Detrick, Maryland, bound for the Far East.
His name is Dr. Parker Ramsey and he is uniquely qualified for this mission.
He is the brains behind a secret project–Code Name Hindsight–developed under the oversight of the United States Army Medical Research and Materiel Command. Hindsight has never been field-tested, but with global catastrophe looming on the horizon, the only chance of averting it lies in utilizing the
project’s extraordinary capabilities. If it works, Dr. Ramsey will be able to unravel the mystery behind the detonation and identify the responsible party.
For, thanks to Hindsight, Dr. Ramsey will be able to see something that no one has ever seen before…
He’ll be able to see the moment of death through the eyes of the dead.
If he’s able to survive long enough to do so.
“Writing with the soul of a poet and the imagination of a demon, Michael McBride creates terrifying enchantments.” — Bruce Boston, author of The Nightmare Collection
“McBride just keeps getting better!” — Hellnotes
“Whether he’s writing stuff that’s quietly creepy or stuff that’s action-packed and blood-drenched, Michael McBride never fails to deliver a fantastic read!” — Jeff Strand, author of Dweller and Pressure
“Make no mistake, Michael McBride is now ready to step in with the heavy hitters. Jeffery Deaver, Michael Marshall Smith, Thomas Harris–are
you doing your roadwork?” — Gene O’Neill, Bram Stoker Award-winning author of Taste of Tenderloin
About the author
Michael McBride is the author of Bloodletting, Burial Ground, Innocents Lost, Predatory Instinct, and half of The Mad & The Macabre (with Jeff Strand). He lives in Westminster, Colorado with his wife and children. To learn more about the author and his other works visit
Blindspot will be launching for preorder
on on Tuesday, October 18th!

QUIET reviewed at Twilight Ridge

There’s nothing like that first review to make a guy feel good. Or horrible. Case dependent, of course. In this case, I’m on top of the world. Not just because the review was positive, but because it was written by Robert Morrish, a guy whose opinion I’ve always valued, whose eye for short fiction is second to none, and who happens to be a superb writer in his own right. My thanks to the kind Mr. Morrish, who, many years ago now, commissioned my first story for Cemetery Dance magazine and helped me reach a goal that seemed unattainable at the time.

You can read the first review of QUIET, KEEPS TO HIMSELF at Twilight Ridge HERE.

At long last, there’s QUIET in this house

QUIET, KEEPS TO HIMSELF, that is. Special thanks to Paul at Thunderstorm Books for commissioning the project and especially for producing such a stunning product. It’s a special book to me, and Paul obviously treated it as such. I hope the opportunity arises to work together again.

And thanks to all of you who ordered the book. I hope it surpasses all expectations!

McBride 2.0

After seven years with my old, comfortable website, I finally decided to move to a more functional, user-friendly home. I hope you’ll all take the time to wander around and explore. Feel free to ring the bells and blow the whistles all you like. With any luck, this new format will make updating easier and lead to more frequent communication. There are many new projects coming up, among them a new novella from Dark Regions Press (BLINDSPOT), a collaborative novella from Delirium (INFINITY TWICE REMOVED, with William C. Rasmussen), a new thriller novel (BURIAL GROUND), and my very first collection from Thunderstorm Books (QUIET, KEEPS TO HIMSELF). There will also be a new, unnanounced novel in the near future, as well as some re-releases of some of my favorites along the way. So stay tuned, things are just about to get interesting.