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For those of you who’ve been eagerly awaiting the release of the BLOODLETTING eBook, it’s now live at Amazon. You can pick up what Dark Scribe Magazine called “the best thing I’ve read in a long, long time” HERE!

This is one of those books whose characters continue to beg for more tales to be told. Maybe if the audience is there, we’ll see Special Agents Carver, Wolfe, and Locke again…

Bloodletting eBook_edited-1



Book Girl Reviews

ANCIENT ENEMY received another killer review from the Book Girl Blog. Thanks to the Book Girl herself for the kind words. My favorite line:

I truly enjoyed reading this mystery because it’s captivating and smartly written.”

T-minus eight days and counting until release.

That’s a week from tomorrow, folks, and the price will be going up sometime before then. Preorder now and it will automatically download to your Kindle on the morning of Tuesday the 22nd!



The Thriller Roundtable

Come join me at the Big Thrill, the online publication of the International Thriller Writers, where I’ll be participating in the roundtable discussion “Is fact really stranger than fiction?” Joining me will be Laura Griffin, Philip Donlay, Kathleen George, Colin Campbell, Paige Dearth, Tom Wilde, Bernard Maestas, and Tim Waggoner. It’s off to an entertaining start! I enjoy these roundtable discussions and I’m psyched to be a part of one. I hope you can join us!


Coming in eBook this Tuesday, April 15th…BLOODLETTING…with a new, reimagined cover.

Bloodletting eBook_edited-1

The butchered remains of twelve year-old Jasmine Rivers are discovered in the cellar of an abandoned farmhouse on the desolate eastern plains of Colorado, the fourth mutilated body found in the last two months. The FBI is still searching for the missing parts of the previous three.

Hundreds of miles away in Arizona, eleven corpses are exhumed from the Sonoran Desert. They’ve been mummified and bundled in the traditional Inca style. But the Inca lived in South America, and these bodies aren’t centuries old.

Seemingly unrelated victims that share a common cause of death: exsanguination.

Special Agent Paxton Carver follows the trail of blood, which leads him to the continuation of genetic experimentation that began during World War II and a designer retrovirus capable of altering human chromosomes. Can he track down the virus and prevent further exposure before the real bloodletting begins?

Only $2.99 at Amazon!


Thanks to the kind folks at Mystery Sequels for the killer review. It feels like the reviewer really “got” the story. There’s no cooler feeling for an author. My favorite line?

“When I got to the last few pages and I thought I had it all figured out, I was rewarded with yet another surprise that left me thinking about it for a while. I definitely didn’t see that one coming.”

You can read the whole review HERE!

12 days and counting until release day! Head over to Amazon and pick up the eBook while it’s still 30% off! I don’t know how much longer the price will stay that low. Thanks to all who’ve picked it up so far. You guys are the best!





The Big Thrill

The April issue of The Big Thrill magazine, the official publication of the International Thriller Writers organization, features an interview with yours truly, conducted by author J. H. Bográn. If you’re curious about the idea behind ANCIENT ENEMY or want to take a few moments out of your day to amuse yourself at my expense, you can check it out HERE!


A New Review

Thanks to Angela Wilson at Authors & Appetizers for a killer review! You can read the whole thing HERE. My favorite line:

“This story has a lot of wonderful mythological context, as well as a gritty look at life on the reservation. Fans of shows like Grimm and Longmire may appreciate it.”

We’re down to just over three weeks until ANCIENT ENEMY’s release on April 22nd. Time’s running out if you want to pick it up for the discounted price of $4.99. 


Coming Tuesday, April 1st

For your reading pleasure:

PI eBook

Yours for a whopping $2.99!

The fossilized remains of a previously unclassified hominin species are discovered in the Altai Mountains, prompting teams of scientists from around the globe to converge upon this isolated region of Siberia in search of further evidence to corroborate the revolutionary theory that a third proto-human ancestor coexisted with Neanderthals and primitive Homo sapiens.

What awaits them is anything but extinct.

FBI Special Agent Grey Porter leads the investigation into the mysterious circumstances surrounding the appearance of a factory trawler of Russian origin off of the Washington Coast. He finds twelve bodies; all of them exsanguinated through ferocious bite wounds on their necks. According to the manifest, there should have only been eleven.

Whatever killed them is no longer on board.

Elena Sturm of the Seattle PD is assigned to patrol the waterfront renovation project on Salmon Bay. While rousting the homeless from the underground warrens of the massive construction site, she stumbles upon the corpse of a man whose wounds are identical to those of the victims aboard the ghost ship. Something has cut a bloody swath across the Pacific.

And it’s already here.



The eBook of INNOCENTS LOST is now available at Amazon for a mere $2.99! Be advised, this is by far my darkest work.

IL-Cover Bleak


A young girl vanishes in broad daylight on her tenth birthday. Her father, FBI Special Agent Phil Preston of the Child Abduction Rapid Deployment Team, devotes his life to finding her and discovers a pattern in a recent string of abductions.

Dr. Les Grant leads a group of graduate students into the Wyoming wilderness in search of an unidentified Native American medicine wheel photographed by an anonymous hiker. Instead, they stumble upon a macabre tableau of suffering.

Fremont County Sheriff Keith Dandridge finds himself right at the heart of the mystery when twenty-seven bodies are disinterred in the Wind River Range at the westernmost edge of his jurisdiction, with the promise of more to come.

All the while, an unknown evil is summoning the men to its killing grounds, where the remains of the lost innocents are left to rot…and a fate far worse than death awaits them.




Thank you sincerely to everyone who picked up MIA MOJA! I hope you enjoy the stories as much as Nate and I did! Thanks, as always, for supporting the independent press! You guys are the best!


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